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We provide the powerful tools you need to quickly and securely connect your products, gain insights from customers and benefit from the IoT revolution. Our Development Boards and Gateways deliver connectivity and security, enabling makers to create better IoT products and more engaging user experiences.

CyberThings – NIC

For those who prefer to have a quick POC – or for makers who want to have their gadget connected to the Internet –CyberThings’ network interface card (NIC) enables you to transfer data between your things. The NIC supports UART and many more interfaces to facilitate the transfer of data.
We recommend CC debugger
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CyberThings Development Board

Our powerful Development Board enables you to develop cool IoT stuff using the most minimal equipment. We recommend using CC2530 development board / Evaluation kit.

Also, you may find the user manual here

Compatible with RaspberryPi

Our NIC is compatible with RPI GPIO. Simply plug it into the API and immediately begin sending messages to other NICs in your network using the CyberThings platform.


CyberThings’ software developer’s kit (SDK) serves as a springboard for makers and developers, providing a Java and embedded-based software (firmware) that enables individuals and organizations to integrate the CyberThings platform as a part of their own innovative offerings. Our SDK fully supports the maker culture by basing our solution on a simple API for easy and low-cost integration, helping developers produce a high-quality product in a shorter timeframe.

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How to Get Started

Our community’s project ideas, tutorials, and kits are geared to help beginners and experts get started on developing innovative DIY IoT projects of their own. See what others have been working on and throw your hat into the ring…

Showcase: Drone Startup

Customer: A startup company operating to develop a working prototype of its technology

Industry: Military equipment

• Robust, secure and reliable communications
• Fast communication

Case study:
A unique case of a highly professional startup with a strong technology base operating in an extremely competitive market. The customer was required to provide a working prototype that demonstrated key aspects of their technology. Due to the sensitive nature of the industry, all data had to be fully secured. The MindoLife platform provided the customer with complete peace of mind, securing all communications channels. By partnering with MindoLife, the customer was able to significantly reduce development effort and meet the stringent technology requirements on schedule.

Features & Benefits
The MindoLife platform provided the following:
• Secured communications in a hostile environment
• Exceeded the customer’s quality expectations

Showcase: Fire Hydrant Startup

Customer: An innovative startup that aims to make smart fire hydrants, impacting the lives of millions of people around the world.

Industry: IoT, Smart city.

Challenge: Developing a reliable, low power, secure management system for all connected hydrants

Case Study:
Physically accessible and with no defense mechanism, the fire hydrant system is highly vulnerable and poses a real threat to the general public. Moreover, fire hydrants are battery powered, requiring energy efficient solutions.
Within a short period of time, the MindoLife team was able to quickly detect the security vulnerabilities and power consumption leaks within the fire hydrant system. MindoLife was able to protect communications between the hydrants and hub and then secure the physical I/O.
The MindoLife team suggested a comprehensive solution for these challenges and provided a seamless implementation of the MindoLife SDK.

Features & Benefits
The MindoLife platform provided the following:
• Low power protocol for just-in-time data collection
• Secured open field communications

  • What you get as a developer

A springboard to help you develop your application quickly. Using CyberThings platform, you can have your POC working in only a few days.

  • Advanced network mechanism

Robust network mechanism that helps you avoid dealing with network management issues – no matter how complicated your network topology is, CyberThings network mechanism will come through for you.

  • Network and security issues
  • Cloud service
  • Unexpected changes and communication issues

CyberThings network mechanism features a built-in solution for your dynamic network and any unexpected network changes.

  • Dealing with low power devices and resources

Low power devices are very common in the IoT field – these devices have low power resources (like batteries and solar boards) and must sleep most of the time.
Low power devices are challenging to deal with, but add the security requirement and the situation becomes super challenging – the device must be protected at all times using a low power supply!
CyberThings protocols solve this challenge.

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