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What to Know

IoT is about “things” connecting with systems, people, and objects — such as sensors and actuators – to enable the collection and exchange of data. The IoT allows smart devices to be linked together and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, prompting new product innovations and unlimited opportunities for creative use cases. McKinsey & Co. estimates that the IoT will have a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion per year by 2025, equivalent to approximately 11% of the global economy.

CyberThings Platform is ready for that future. Are you?

CyberThings Secured IoT Enabler

CyberThings provides an end-to-end software solution that integrates unique security protocols and network management to deliver the safest springboard for your IoT products and solutions.

For those who possess the passion, creativity, and intelligence to operate in the IoT market, CyberThings’SDK is the most innovative, robust and flexible IoT platform of its kind, simplifying and securing your development, while enabling you to bring even the zaniest of ideas to fruition.

Industrial IoT

Called the next industrial revolution, IoT is ushering in a new, secured era of manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and energy supply. Through sensors and actuators embedded and securely linked in physical objects, IoT can significantly enhance production productivity and throughput. Applications include supply chain management, predictive maintenance, smart energy and smart grids, and smart connected medical systems.


We provide the powerful tools you need to quickly and securely connect your products, gain insights from customers and benefit from the IoT revolution.

CyberThings – Platform

CyberThingsis a sophisticated software platform that enables secure development and rollout of robust IoT solutions for home automation and industrial IoT applications. The end-to-end platform is based on a unique communication protocol and features intrusion detection and prevention modules that monitor all communications in real time and protect the system from exposing data or being controlled by an attacker.

The CyberThings Process

Getting started with CyberThings has never been easier. We guide our developers step-by-step, from the acknowledgment of their ideas to the management of their final product. CyberThings eliminates the need for custom development, so companies can focus on what they do best: building great products and adding value across the IoT.

The CyberThings Advantage

Business-ready infrastructure
Faster time-to-market
Advanced security protocols
Professional support
Robust network management
Low Power

Possible Markets

IoT for Smart Homes

IoT has the power to transform the modern home into a secured smart home. While individual devices are simple to operate, each has its own configuration requirements and interface limitations. The promise of IoT is to connect all devices into a signal entity which can be easily accessed and controlled at any time. By connecting and controlling the myriad of smart devices in the home, IoT can make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. Home entertainment, safety and security, energy and climate control systems can all be controlled, optimized and tailored to the specific needs of the household and its occupants. IoT can also reduce costs and conserve energy.
Smart home platforms offer great added value in the future. If you are a smart home system developer, this article is for you.
It is not about a new electronic gadget or fancy software, it is a new era that has just begun. In 2015, around 15 billion smart objects existed in the world. By 2020, that number is expected to reach 200 billion. Smart objects are now a part of our lives. One question remains: How can we best utilize and optimize this system?

Until now, Smart objects required a connection to the Internet: the Smartphone. Eventually, we will end up invaded by the IoT.

Smart Home Platforms are the solution!

Our Smart Home Platform strength is in its capacity to adapt to any kind of new technology. It is now capable of collecting data about the relationship between a house and its occupants. The house knows the occupants’ preferences when they wake up, go to bed, come back from work, and are on vacation.

  • I want all lights and shutters to turn on and off when I wake up and go to sleep.

  • I want my AC to turn on when the house detects that I came home from work.

  • I want to have a clear energy record of all electronic devices in my house.

Our Smart Home Platform will record the daily patterns of its users, and adapt to their needs in order to add comfort to their lifestyles.
With more and smarter devices created every day, the possibilities of interaction between each of them will be infinite, and therefore, much more complex.
Connected dishes, beds, sofas, appliances, door, locks, cars, carpets, agenda, chairs, tables, lights… And that’s just scratching the surface of possibilities.

How are we going to manage all of these objects?

Millions of data points are currently processed and interpreted for the benefit of the smart home user, and we cannot imagine how much more our world will evolve and change. CyberThings Smart Home Platform can already adopt and integrate the unknown – items that today are beyond our imagination. By adopting CyberThings, you are ready for decades of future innovations.

What is the concrete advantage of implementing CyberThings? What can we expect from the future?
  • The Smart home will help people manage a maximum number of application and data

  • The smartphone will become too a data-heavy, with endless apps and interactions.

  • The smartphone and smart home will share the same platform, and the phone will become an extension of the house.

  • To better manage our environment, a voice assistant will be adapted to families: both global and individual

Why we connect things?

Connecting products to the IOT allows the manufacturer to provide their customers with true value, improving their home lifestyles or industrial processes, while discovering new applications that open potential revenue streams. Make the leap into the future.The IoT has the potential to add an unlimited number of possibilities to improve almost all areas of life, including:

Operations Management

Predictive Maintenance

Robotic Machinery

Public Safety and Health

Traffic Control

Resource Management

Self Checkout

Inventory Optimization

Smart CRM

Portable Health Monitoring

Electronic Recordkeeping

Predictive Outcomes

Self-Parking Cars

Condition-Based Vehicle Maintenance

Performance Tracking

Energy Management

Safety and Security

Lifestyle Enhancement

How will IoT impact your industry?

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What to connect?

Glimpse into what is possible when creative companies like yours combine sensors, actuators, and networked intelligence. You can: monitor your baby…track your activity level…find that lost key…check that the burners are off… upkeep your garden, find the elusive parking space… utilize your utilities more efficiently…protect wildlife… receive weather warnings. For example, one of our customers provides backup electricity systems to households in developing countries. They use IOT to optimize the electricity supply. Using our platform, they can now deliver their service even more quickly, reliably and securely to their customers.

Conclusion, what’s next, challenges, join us, tell us your story.

There were 15 billion IoT objects connected to the IoT in 2015, and that number is projected to rise to 200 billion by 2020 (Source: IDC, Intel). Will you be part of it?

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